Our Team

Shawn M. Hamm, MD

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Dr. Shawn Hamm is the first fellowship-trained, addiction medicine boarded physician in the State of Tennessee.  His residency training was in family medicine (he also holds boards in family medicine), providing him with a strong background in physical health problems for patients of all ages.  He became dedicated to addiction medicine through seeing the impact of Substance/alcohol use disorder (SUD/AUD) on close friends, and from experiencing the positive impact that a skilled physician could have on patients with addiction. He has seen that the trajectory of a human life can be turned around as the person regains control of her/his life to become a positively contributing member of society.  Dr. Hamm is a skilled clinician and is dedicated to developing the most effective system of care for patients with SUD/AUD.   Dr. Hamm is Program Director of the Addiction Medicine Fellowship, the only ACGME-accredited fellowship in addiction in the state, and co-Director of IAC’s collaborative Center-of-Excellence with Baptist Memorial Healthcare.  He is a cofounder of IAC.

Richard Hayward, MD

Dr. Hayward graduated from the IAC/Baptist Addiction Medicine Fellowship Program and is now the associate program director for the very same program. His dedication to compassionate and dignified care are reflected in his patient advocacy efforts and community involvement. With long standing ties to local non-profit organizations and extensive experience working with persons who have substance use disorders, Dr. Hayward recognizes the importance of dispelling the stigma associated with substance use disorders and insists that folks have a safe environment to seek treatment and foster healing.

In addition to seeing patients, Dr. Hayward teaches the principles of addiction medicine to the board certified physicians within the fellowship program as well as resident physicians and medical students across West Tennessee. He sits on the board of A Betor Way which is dedicated to reducing harms associated with injection drug use and the board of Roots Recovery Residence which is dedicated to providing safe and dignified housing for persons in recovery.

Administrative Team

David Stern, MD

David Stern, MD,CEO of IAC, is the senior member of the group; his passion to change care for patients with addiction stems from the loss of his son Alan in 2008, from a combination of mental health and SUD.  At the time, Dr. Stern was Vice-President for Health Affairs & Dean of the College of Medicine at the University of Cincinnati, and leader of University of Cincinnati Physicians.  Despite his position at the top of a hierarchy of healthcare facilities and physicians, he was unable to secure the integrated behavioral, addiction medicine and physical health care that Alan needed.  This experience inspired him to develop a treatment model that would have benefitted Alan and would be accessible to a wide group of patients.  Dr. Stern moved to Tennessee as Executive Dean and Vice-Chancellor of Health Affairs in 2011.  Soon thereafter, he formed the Center for Addiction Science.  This Center developed a fellowship program in addiction medicine that trained Drs. Hamm and Blackstock.  The Center received the first designation as “Center of Excellence” from The Addiction Medicine Foundation in 2016. Dr. Stern was invited to a White House meeting in Washington DC to discuss the model of care employed by the Center. In October, 2018, he presented the evolution of this model to the Senate Presidents Forum (of State Legislatures).  He continues to give presentations in the mid-South and throughout the USA.  Dr. Stern was joined by Drs. Hamm and Blackstock in forming IAC – it is a joint partnership and a physician-owned and operated company.  Obtaining the best outcomes for IAC patients is the mantra of IAC.