For Patients seeking treatment:

Jayne Gipson:

Your first point of contact at IAC is Ms. Jayne Gipson, RN. She will return your inquiry by phone and send you a link so that you can participate in a teleconference to see how the process works. It is also possible to reach Ms. Gipson via email: [email protected] or this website. Ms. Gipson will respond to your inquiry within a few hours. (Jane: what is the right time interval for your response?)

Ms. Gipson will begin developing a treatment plan based on individual goals and needs. She will set up a telemedicine appointment for you with one of our addiction medicine specialists physicians, as well as our case manager and therapist if appropriate.

Ms. Gipson will also discuss our “rules of the road” or “contract” between patient and treatment providers. In order for you to get the most benefit from our treatment program, the key is your motivation to work toward durable recovery. You will be asked a series of questions about how substance/alcohol use disorder has impacted your life. Our goal is to understand your starting point and see how this changes over the course of treatment. Of course, all personal health information is kept confidential, and only released with your permission.

Call xxxx (?Jayne’s cell) or email: [email protected]

The video of Ms. Gipson will give you a preview the interaction with her.