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Ross Nagler, MSW

Ross Nagler, MSW, is a social worker and case manager at IAC Associates PLLC. He has over a decade of experience working with clients dealing with SUD/AUD, and functions as our case manager. Ross regards his role as an active part of integrating the specific social needs of each of IAC’s patients (social determinants of health) and then helping them to meet their treatment goals. Mr. Nagler uses his own personal recovery experiences to guide each patient in her/his day-to-day progression towards a sustainable and effective recovery. He understands that each person’s recovery will be shaped in a different way, and supports the customization process from the vantage point of addressing social issues.  By creating a strong foundation of social support, that is continuous and thoroughly developed, he will help clients pave the way towards substantial years in recovery. His goal at IAC is to encourage our clients to become responsible and productive members of society in order to realize their potential and personal goals.

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Jayne Gipson, RN

Jayne Gipson, RN, is chief of clinical operations at IAC Associates PLLC.  She has years of experience working with patients with SUD/AUD, and functions as our care coordinator and intake manager.  Jayne views her role as gaining an understanding of patient issues and being the patient’s advocate to arrange prompt and effective treatment.  Ms. Gipson is sensitively attuned to the needs of our patients, and will efficiently guide each individual through the intake process into treatment.  She understands that in certain situations timely access to a physician is critical, and she will make that happen.  IAC is committed to same or next-day appointments for our patients.