Past and Present Fellows

The fellowship program at IAC is an integral part of IAC’s commitment to excellence in treatment and training. Please see below for a lis of current and alumni fellows.

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Jessica Matthews

Jessica Matthews, MD


Dr. Matthews (she/ her) is an Addiction Medicine fellow at IAC and will be completing her training in 2022. She completed her internship in Colorado and finished her residency training in Internal Medicine at UTHSC in Memphis. She is excited to join the IAC team in caring for patients struggling with addiction. She also enjoys the practice of general medicine and recently took her Internal Medicine board exam. Her favorite quote is “I always thought I was a black sheep until I got involved in the recovery community, then I found the rest of the heard.

Julie Brewer, MD

Dr. Brewer’s goal is to provide compassionate, evidence based, addiction medicine care . A Tennessee Native, she completed her family medicine residency at UTHSC Jackson in 20015. Since 2015 since she has worked in Eastern and Middle TN at Federally Qualitifed Health Care Centers providing outpaient primary care. Starting in May 2018, her practice included 1 day/week of opioid use disorder medication associated treatment (MAT). Through this experience, she found how rewarding and enjoyable can be for both patients and clinicians as part of primary care practice. She joined our fellowship program to get more comprehensive training in addiction medicine.

Lauren McClairen, MD

Lauren McClairen, MD is a trained psychiatrist who completed her residency at Meharry Medical College in Nashville, TN. During her training, it soon became very apparent to her that substance use disorders and mental health were very closely related. She noticed that addressing both the substance use and the cooccurring mental health conditions greatly helped her patients and increased their chances of success. Her clinical experience and practice working with other specialties and treatment teams in integrated care models, fueled her decision to receive additional training in addiction medicine under the supervision of Drs. Hamm and Stern. She is currently a fellow in the Addiction Medicine Fellowship program at Baptist Memorial, which works collaboratively with IAC to provide quality care and evidence-based treatments for those with substance use disorder in both the inpatient and outpatient setting. With her medical training and specialization in mental health, she serves as a bridge between the medical and behavioral aspects of addiction.


Lauren McClairen, MD
Ankita Jain, MD
Billy Davis, MD
Scott Bell, MD