No matter where you are in your recovery, we are here to care for you and guide you back to a durable recovery at home. A drug relapse or alcohol relapse is not the end. It is the beginning of the next phase of your treatment. With IAC Associates, you can remain at home and work in the greater Memphis and Jackson areas while incorporating treatment into your daily life.

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Substance/alcohol use disorders (SUD/AUD) are chronic and complex diseases. 

In any chronic medical disorder (such as asthma, diabetes, or congestive heart failure), the course of the illness can vary from week to week. Sometimes patients feel well and function at their best; at other times, they seem to go backwards, losing function and sense of well-being.  These inevitable periods of relapse can be very discouraging. Treatment seeks to keep patients in steady-state (remission) for as long as possible, maximizing health and wellness; when relapse occurs, the problems that caused it must be addressed in order to return to steady-state.

As with other chronic diseases, the goal of treatment in SUD/AUD is to achieve long-lasting, steady-state remission, allowing you to realize your life goals.  Our philosophy at IAC is that “we meet you where you are.”  While our goal is to develop a treatment plan in which you will be in stable remission and functioning optimally, a drug relapse or alcohol relapse can be a normal part of the disease. It is disappointing but not unexpected. The challenge is to deal with relapse quickly and move back to your steady state of remission.

Relapses are more frequent early in treatment (first 30 days), though it can happen at any time. The treatment for a drug relapse or alcohol relapse mirrors your first encounter.  We start with a full psychosocial and physical evaluation, and then develop a collaborative treatment plan with you.  Appointments are more frequent (at least once a week, more often if necessary) until the vulnerable period has passed.

Your desire for a better life- along with input from an engaged and expert care team delivering wraparound care – is the key to remission; this is the only kind of care we deliver at IAC.  With daily walk-in hours and same/next day appointments, care is swift and convenient in our Memphis and Jackson TN area offices. When you are ready, we will help you plan and guide your durable recovery at home.

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