IOP – A Better Option with Continuous Care

IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) is a form of psychotherapy provided by a licensed behavioral healthcare provider to appropriate patients. These include people with certain forms of mental illness and/or addiction issues (substance/alcohol use disorder).  IOP is generally delivered in sessions of approximately 3 hours, occurring 3-4 times per week over a total of 20-40 sessions.  Within a group setting (6-12 people), focusing on techniques to create a more stable state of mind, each patient can work towards his/her personal objectives. While taking advantage of the group dynamic (guided by an experienced behavioral health specialist), each patient has a customized program. The goals for each person include moving through the stages of change toward better functionality and positive interaction with their environment.  Since many of our patients have SUD/AUD, in addition to mental health issues, they simultaneously remain in our Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) program.

One of the primary benefits of IOP is that it provides high intensity treatment that can be integrated into day-to-day life; meaningful change and using new skills are practiced in real-time.  Throughout the process, the treatment team provides needed support.

IAC has developed a workbook dedicated to our patients in the IOP program; its title is “On the Mend – an integrated phases of change therapy workbook.”  This workbook guides discussions and provides exercises that challenge the reader to move through the stages of change. Patients gradually learn to take responsibility for themselves and their actions, and to craft a plan for the future which maximizes the chance to achieve their full potential.

If you would benefit from our IOP program in Memphis or Jackson TN, based on your interest and a full bio-psycho-social evaluation, we can enroll you immediately.  In addition, our services related to physical health and addiction medicine, as well as intensive case management, are also available. It is important to remember that IOP is a discrete program that has a beginning and end date.

Unfortunately, mental illness and addiction are chronic disorders whose duration is unpredictable.  After completing an IOP program, each person can continue to see our behavioral health specialist about ongoing needs, including counseling on an individualized (or group) basis.