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Shawn M. Hamm, MD

Dr. Shawn Hamm is the first fellowship-trained, addiction medicine boarded physician in the State of Tennessee.  His residency training was in family medicine (he also holds boards in family medicine), providing him with a strong background in physical health problems for patients of all ages.  He became dedicated to addiction medicine through seeing the impact of Substance/alcohol use disorder (SUD/AUD) on close friends, and from experiencing the positive impact that a skilled physician could have on patients with addiction. He has seen that the trajectory of a human life can be turned around as the person regains control of her/his life to become a positively contributing member of society.  Dr. Hamm is a skilled clinician and is dedicated to developing the most effective system of care for patients with SUD/AUD.   Dr. Hamm is Program Director of the Addiction Medicine Fellowship, the only ACGME-accredited fellowship in addiction in the state, and co-Director of IAC’s collaborative Center-of-Excellence with Baptist Memorial Healthcare.  He is a cofounder of IAC.

Drew Blackstock, MD

Dr. Drew Blackstock is also a graduate of the fellowship at the Center for Addiction Science at the University of Tennessee (the Center was founded by Dr. Stern, CEO of IAC) and is boarded in addiction medicine.  He is also boarded in family medicine and has extensive clinical experience in community practice, emergency rooms, urgent care centers and inpatient settings (as a hospitalist).  Dr. Blackstock has seen the negative impact of SUD/AUD both in personal experiences with his extended family and in the many clinical sites in which he has worked. He is extremely effective in reaching out to patients with addictive disorders and drawing them into treatment, and working to develop systems of holistic care that can move patients to plan for a durable recovery.  Dr. Blackstock is a certified SAP (substance abuse provider).  He is passionate about helping those with use disorders and removing the stigma associated with this chronic disease.  He is co-founder of IAC and co-director of IAC’s collaborative Center-of-Excellence with Baptist Memorial Healthcare.