Patient Stories

My Name is Candice Lock and This is My Story

“I suffered tremendous loss in the loss of my husband and then the death of my son. My journey since then has been hard due to the decision making (or lack thereof) process. I had never experienced loss or pain such as that and had none of the tools I needed. Which led to my drug-use, incarceration and being shot. During this time I had developed an F-it attitude.” 

“Meeting Dr. Hamm/ Dr. Blackstock has helped me to gain sobriety and they have stuck by me. When I relapsed repeatedly, they never stopped caring or judged me based on my addiction and once I began to really take my sobriety seriously, they continued to go above and beyond for me. 

Ross Nagler (Case Manager) has introduced me to Mr. Steve Nash (co-owner of Advance Memphis) and I have since then started and completed their work-life program and received my forklift certification. I also was able to deal with some core … Read more

The Path to Recovery

Opening-up & Getting Honest

“My experience with IAC has been life changing. They’ve given me encouragement and made me feel comfortable and confident that there is life beyond active addiction. I have hope for a more productive future. I have set goals and through their knowledge and info. I have been able to accomplish those goals. The atmosphere has made me feel understood and at ease about opening-up and getting honest. I can truly be myself. The staff at IAC has played a huge part in my early recovery. I am and always will be truly grateful.”   ~Pam

Listen Intently & Strive to Help

“I’ve been a patient at IAC for 2 months now. I’ve seen many Drs., therapists, and case managers throughout the years and I have never met a more caring, compassionate and loving team. They listen intently and genuinely strive to help me succeed in life.”  ~Alie… Read more