We want to see you healthy and prosperous. We want you in durable recovery, where daily activity is driven not by addiction but by meaningful relationships, satisfaction at work and financial independence. We want to help you “get your life back.”

You remember vividly how it started. At first, additive agents unleash torrents of pleasure, exaggerating normal responses. In many ways, they highjack natural mechanisms, forcing them into overdrive. We all believe that we can control our behavior, but judgement becomes clouded as use increases, and lives spin out of control. When substance-seeking becomes all-consuming, other relationships and activities dwindle, with desperate social, medical, financial and legal consequences.

When you are ready to break out of this cycle and regain control of your life, Integrated Addiction Care, Inc. is here for you- wherever you are, whenever you are ready.

We provide wraparound care, treating substance/alcohol use disorder (SUD/AUD), while attending to physical and mental health and to social determinants of health (housing, job placement, transportation, benefits eligibility, etc.). We accept all major insurance plans.

Our addiction medicine physicians have the highest medical qualifications as well as the highest human qualifications: their empathy and respect will feel like a welcoming embrace. We understand the close relationships between addiction and mental health problems, as well as chronic medical disorders. We work with each patient to achieve a care plan that addresses his/her specific needs. Our team of physicians, therapists, case managers, counselors and peers is ready to develop a patient-centered treatment plan that includes close family and friends who are partners in recovery.

You can contact us by phone or via our website. The first person to welcome you will probably be Ms. Jayne Gipson, RN, an experienced nurse care manager who has worked with patients with SUD/AUD for years. Whether your primary addiction-related concern is mental or physical health, therapy, counseling or medication management, Ms. Gipson will make a plan to attend to your needs.

Since our care is delivered by telemedicine, we will communicate with you via iPhone, iPad, laptop or desk computer. No special equipment is needed. This is a “come as you are” engagement. You only need one thing: motivation from within to move forward along a path of durable recovery. Your needs frame our approach, with respect to the treatment team, duration and intensity of treatment. Recovery lasts a lifetime, and our support will be there as long as you choose.